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XDS offer various form of writing for your business and personal need.

Web Content


Your website is your most important marketing tool. Impress your visitors and earn their trust with professional content.


Static Website Pages


Let us write your Homepage, About Us page, or any other page on your website.

Landing Pages


Use multiple writers to split test landing page content.

Include Keywords for SEO


Easily specify keywords that your writer will include. Our writers insert keywords while keeping your content natural and readable.

We Have the Perfect Writer for You


With thousands of website content writers in our reach, we have a writer with the experience, background, and skill level required to write perfect content that amplifies your brand. Let our system match your project with qualified website content writers or talk to your account manager about the perfect fit for your website.


Establish and Maintain a Unique Voice


After you work with a website content writer who you really like, we make it easy for you to keep working with that writer going forward. Just use the simple tools built into our lightweight order form to select writers from previous jobs. Writers become stronger with every job they complete for you because they learn your brand and start to anticipate your needs.


We Can Do Large Projects and Small Projects


If you’re building a massive website, you came to the right place. We can match you with a high volume writer or assign a team of writers to your website content project.

On the other hand, if you only need one or two pages written, we make it easy for you to get your content quickly. There are no contracts or commitments at Crowd Content. Our minimum deposit amount is $15, allowing you to get as little or as much content as you need.



s it always difficult to write a personal statement, have you ever thought why? The answer is simple; these statements are required to ‘sell’ you, which is not an easy task for your own selves. Additionally, the answer to previous question raises another question i.e. what can be done to solve the problem of writing personal statements? But you really don’t need to get worried; we are here for you and to vanish all of your worries.


Personal Statement Writing

is Another Annexed Service by Essay Writing.


Many students attending university level for the time can be benefited by this service of producing personal statements. And not to mention, professionals are hired to describe you, portray your personality and explain your qualities into your own personal statement in an appropriate way and prerequisite terminology. People who think it is necessary to keep their Curriculum Vitae readily with them and it is definitely a really appreciable idea will need these types of services. If you are applying for a new job or for your future academic career, we are here to provide you with exceptional personal statements increasing chances for your admission.


Personal Statement Service by Essaywriting.com.pk


Out of many splendid services, personal statement writing is one of our special offerings at your service. Even the clients are also welcomed to work with us, as we collaborate with them to make their personal representation powerful and better. This is a secret that we are able to produce excellent personal statements.


Formation of personal statement:


There is no hard and fast rule or regulation to write a personal statement. It can be mould accordingly to the requirements. However, there are some recommendations which can reflect the skeleton of the statement:


Perfect SEO Content


The answer to successful SEO is great content. Our writers use your keywords to create keyword rich content that ranks high on Google.


Easily Specify Keywords


Our simple order form lets you list the keywords you want included.

Stay Organized


Organize your work into Projects with our easy to use interface.

Engage Your Readers, Too


Today, SEO means impressing search engines and human readers. Even when including keywords, our writers engage your visitors.

Create Content for Spiders and People


SEO campaigns succeed when your content is focused on two audiences – search engine crawlers and human readers. When planning your content calendar, attach topics to keywords that your audience will be searching for. By doing this, you give every page that you publish an SEO purpose.

Some SEO content writing services only focus on keyword integration. Keywords are important, but the game today is different. Much of the focus today is on engagement and inducing sharing across social networks. For this, you need SEO content writing services that deliver exciting and unique content to your audience.


Attract High Quality Inbound Links


Just any link doesn’t cut it these days. You need high quality, authoritative sites linking back to your website in order to drive your search rankings to the top. The only way to do this is to create compelling content that is unique. Authors around the web will be happy to link to your content if it provides value.


Leverage Social for SEO


SEO without social media no longer exists. We live in a completely integrated marketing world. Google is looking for queues from social networks like Twitter and Facebook to judge how popular (or reputable) your content is. Publishing great content that gives people value will cause a viral effect as they tweet, retweet, and Like your content. Google will register this activity and push your website to the top of the search results.



Build a Powerful Blog


Become a thought leader in your industry and generate valuable search traffic by consistently publishing great content to your blog.


Automate Your Content Calendar


Plan your entire content calendar with Campaigns and watch as your blog post orders are automatically placed and written based on the schedule you’ve created.

Establish Your Brand’s Voice


Easily favorite writers you love to build a content writing team for your blog. Our writers are experts at following brand guidelines and maintaining a consistent voice.

Expand Your Content Footprint


As your audience grows, add more writers and more content types. Set separate content schedules for Blog Posts, Tweets, Facebook Posts, or other content types.

Fuel Your Social Media Strategy


Your blog is the center of your social media marketing strategy. Content you publish to your blog acts as social media fuel. Your audience grabs onto it and shares it through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks. The result is more eyes on your brand and engaged traffic back to your website.


Buy blog posts individually when you need to fill holes in your editorial schedule, or set an automatic blog schedule to power your entire blog from week to week. We make it easy to get as much or as little content as you need.


Achieve Thought Leader Status


Converting visitors into buyers happens when customers trust your brand. By maintaining an active blog with vibrant discussion around industry topics, you can influence how the market perceives you.


As your reputation grows, your target audience starts to see you as a thought leader in the industry. When they have questions or need industry related information, they come back to your website and browse through your blog posts.


This is the content marketing approach. Instead of bombarding your audience with paid ads, create content that they love. Engaging content draws visitors to your site who you can then convert into customers.


Increase ‘Time on Site’ and Repeat Visits


Studies show that more quality content equals more page views and more time spent on site per visitor. It also increases repeat visitors because readers have a reason to come back and check out updated content.


When you buy blog posts from our high quality content writers, you add breadth to your website and give visitors a reason to stick around and, eventually, come back.


Impress Your Shoppers


Whether you need thousands of unique product descriptions or just a few, our crowd of talented writers can help. They’re pretty fast, too.


Easily Manage Products


Our interface is easy to use, allowing you to create and manage thousands of product descriptions. We even offer managed services for high volume orders.

Use Multiple Writers


Break your products into batches for multiple writers. This speeds up the process.

Quality Control


Writers are trained to follow your instructions and match your existing style if needed.

Convert Browsers into Buyers


To encourage purchases, you need product descriptions that stand out from the pack and connect with your customers. Our talented writers can put the spotlight on your products by highlighting key features and adding some excitement into the mix.


Avoid Duplicate Content Penalties from Google


It’s well known now that Google will penalize your site if you are using the same product descriptions as the manufacturer. In other words, Google will not place your site on the first page of the search results if you have this duplicate content.

Use our crowd of writers to easily re-write thousands of manufacturer descriptions into fresh, unique product descriptions that Google will notice. Your website will benefit instantly from increased search traffic. Even better, this spike in traffic will last for months or even years to come.


Get People Talking about Your eCommerce Store


Delivering a complete and fulfilling experience to your customer can get them talking about your store. That’s why every product counts. Look at all your products as an opportunity to build out the story of your brand.

  1. Start with greeting and mention words which indicate respect.
  2. Followed by mentioning the course of the statement or program you are applying for.
  3. Explain the cause of applying
  4. Give short-handed description about yourself mentioning your characteristics which are accurate for this job and how your presence can be beneficial to everybody.


Types of personal statements we proposed to offer


  • Personal statement
  • Personal statement for scholarship
  • Format of personal statement
  • Personal statement writing services
  • Personal statement for college
  • Personal statement for university


We offer a fully-equipped personal statement, freshly written by our professional writing staff at Essay Writings. We offer you the opportunity to get in touch with one of our chosen expert and evaluate a statement which reveals your charismatic personal qualities accordingly to requirements.


So just click and get ready to acquire inner peace and satisfaction with one of the leading Pakistani international writing services at Essay Writings, having catered students in different horizons and international universities of US, UK, UAE and Australia. We possess decades of experience and promise you a contented personal statement as we surely are qualified for it. You only have to share your requirements with us and let our experts do the rest for you in highly convenient manner./

  • Simple product descriptions
  • SEO content
  • Descriptions for fashion, tourism, etc.
  • Simple editorial content


Article Writing Services

Article Writing Services

Fresh, unique content for your website – when you want it, how you want it through our article writing services. That’s the Content Customs solution for webmasters in need of web content. Any permanent page on your website can be considered an article, and it’s important to ensure all your pages are authoritative and maintain a consistent level of quality. Our article writers have these goals in mind throughout the completion of your project.


Our intent at Content Customs is to provide information that your visitors need in an organized and user-friendly way. The key to search engine traffic is high quality content that engages readers, keeps them on your site, and encourages repeat visits.


Whether you’re building a new site from scratch or re-designing a site you’ve had for years, you might not know exactly what type of content you need to achieve your business or personal goals. Our content development team will work closely with you to design onsite content that your visitors will enjoy reading and that search engines will rank highly, leading to increased sales and brand loyalty. We can research any topic, and we possess the knowledge and experience to turn this research into content that other website owners only dream of having.


Article Writing Service Details


Affordable prices and fast turnaround times are just two of the many things that set our content writing services apart from those of our competitors. Our clients are consistently surprised at the level of quality we provide considering how quickly we can complete a project.


At a Glance: Article Writing

Article Writing sample

Key Points

Price Point:         $0.06/word

Turnaround:       1 Day

HTML Tags:         Optional

Delivery:              Variable

Platforms/Browsers:      All

Format:                Variable

Your articles will be completed in your preferred format, whether it’s a .txt, .pdf, .doc or any other document type. Style elements such as subheadings, bolded text and bulleted lists can be added based on your preferences and guidelines. We can also add HTML coding, hyperlinks, images and more in order to create a turnkey solution for the uploading of your content.


We can deliver your content in a variety of ways. Most clients prefer email delivery, but we can also send articles via Skype, Dropbox or any other tool you prefer. Once delivered, your content is yours to keep forever and do with as you please.


Throughout our history, Content Customs has completed article writing services for topics as varied as law, real estate, fitness, medicine, video games, insurance, music, sporting events, news, education, home improvement, technology and much, much more. There is no minimum or maximum order with our article writing services. Whether you need just one unique article or thousands of articles, Content Customs has the tools and staff to complete the project quickly and in-house.


Article Writers Process


The article writing process starts with a free consultation where you can discuss your ideas, intentions and goals for your content with your personal project manager. Whether you know exactly what articles you want or only what you hope to achieve with the finished product, we’ll work with you to attain your goals quickly and affordably. From the project manager, the project is turned over to our team of experienced writers who will research your topics and create unique, engaging content with your goals in mind.


One of the primary advantages of the Content Customs article writing process is that 100% of our writers are based in the United States and speak English as their first and primary language. The vast majority of our article writers have degrees in fields such as journalism, creative writing, English, law, history, education and more. With a diverse range of backgrounds, we can assign your project to writers who have relevant education, experience and expertise in the required subject matter. Whether it’s music reviews, product descriptions, real estate listings or anything in-between, we’ll craft your content with an authoritative voice and strong factual accuracy in a way that connects with your audience. We don’t just regurgitate other work on the internet – we create fresh, interesting and unique articles that stand apart from anything else you’ll find online.


After your work has been written, the article writers’ process is far from over. Content Customs rises above the competition by then sending your project to a dedicated, in-house team of expert editors. Many article writing services skip this step. Our editors check your articles for the following:


Adherence to any guidelines or instructions given by the client and project manager.

Proper spelling and grammar.

Sufficient search engine optimization.

Proper style, voice and tone that engages your audience.

After your project has been thoroughly edited, your personal project manager will give your content a final check to make sure that it aligns with your original goals and guidelines. Few other content writing companies take this dedicated approach to article writing. Your first and last contact are the same person, giving you the most accurate service possible. For more details on our article writing process, please visit the Our Process page.